Seattle’s Food Truck
Created By Veterans,
For Veterans 

The Vet Chef Food Truck was established to help veterans transition back into society while also cultivating a community between veterans and civilians. 

Chef Gourlie fell in love with San Diego style burritos and carne asada fries when he was in the Marine Corps. 

Today he enjoys making others feel happy as they enjoy great food and interact with others in the community while at the food truck. 

His mission is to establish a brand of food trucks and restaurants owned, operated, and managed by Veterans and their family members.

Offering exceptional MEXICAN FUSION FOOD with a community experience.

Our ingredients are made from scratch, providing a healthy eating experience. 

The Food We Serve Is


We provide a burrito every 34 seconds! Chef Gourlie challenges you to try to roll a faster burrito!


We pride ourselves in providing tasty, elite fusion food.